Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One Wishes

It is the day of my birth. I am now officially able to vote and get married, if I had the inclination to either at the moment; fortunately for everybody concerned, I shan't be doing either for a long time.

So, I'm now older. Again. Personally I've got a bet going on with myself that nobody will remember, or notice, apart from maybe my family and one or two people who have enough time to mark off everybody else's birthdays on their calendars. I'll be breaking out the new wallet my kid sister gave me for my birthday later, though; it's a birthday present so I reserved it for usage beginning now, and besides the fact that it's got BLEACH all over it doesn't hurt either.

I'm busy studying now. Physics is on Friday and I've still got 4 chapters to make notes of in the next 9 hours. I hate mis-counting stuff.

This is a short post.


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the shorter the post, the easier to read =P